Remote Learning


Homework is a vital part of learning: it supports and reinforces learning in the classroom.  It is the chance to consolidate and to practise what has been taught.  Homework also informs future planning for teachers.  

All homework is set on SatchelOne. There is a guide at the bottom of the page for parents detailing how to use the app. Pupils will be given login codes to bring home for parents. If you use this personalised code to log in with, you can opt to receive push notifications when homework is set for your child. Parents can find out what homework has been set without a code by searching for a subject.

Homework Timetable

Sometimes homework is set over a 2 or 3 week period. Within school, everybody works to deadlines and pupils need to learn the importance of time management. The table shows the average amount of homework that will be set. On occasions, homework may be set differently due to examinations or other events taking place in school.

Homework supports and reinforces learning in the classroom. It is designed to help pupils master the necessary skills, knowledge and concepts to be successful in each subject.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding homework, please contact your child’s individual teachers directly.

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