Remote Learning

Remote Learning

As part of Parrenthorn's ongoing contingency plans in the event of pupils needing to self-isolate due to Covid-19, please see below for information on pupils' accessing their school email, Office365 and SatchelOne/SMHW accounts.

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School E-Mail/Office365

An Office365 account have been set up for all pupils where they are able to not only use the email feature but can also access built in software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneDrive. To log into the school O365 account you will need to go to via a web browser on any computer device.

If your child is in year 7 or year 8 then their e-mail address follows the structure

In year 9-11, the e-mail address uses the structure

The "username" part should be replaced with your child's school username that they use to log into the school computer system. Therefore, if Joe Bloggs were in year 7, their school e-mail address would be, however if they were in year 9-11, the e-mail address would be

The password for your child's e-mail address is the same password they use in school and if they ever change their password in school this password will automatically update. If they have forgotten this password, please contact school and this password will be reset.


From this point forward, your child can use the "sign in with Office365" option to gain access to their account. They will use their school e-mail address and password as above as login details. 

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