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Support Network

Parrenthorn High School has a strong pastoral team of teaching and support staff that are dedicated to providing the best possible pastoral support for our students.

We offer a support network throughout the school, allowing your child to share their concerns and worries. The roles involved in our 2021-2022 team include:

Pastoral Leadership

Assistant Headteacher - Mr M Hunter
Pastoral and Attendance Manager - Ms J White
Learning Mentor - Mr P Gill
PSHE and Citizenship Co-ordinator - Miss J Hollstein

Year 7 Team

Head of Year 7 - Mrs L Green
Assistant Head of Year 7 - Mrs K Ford/Miss S Laurence
7C - Mr Flynn
7Y - Miss Eccles
7G - Mr James
7N - Mr Gaskell
7E - Miss Smith
7T - Miss Okolowicz
7S - Mrs Russell

Year 8 Team

Head of Year 8 - Miss J Hyndman
Assistant Head of Year 8 - Mr M Ainscough
8C - Miss Swain
8Y - Mr O'Hara
8G - Mrs Stevens
8N - Mr Ainscough
8E - Mrs Rogers
8T - Mr Entwistle
8S - Mrs Jordan

Year 9 Team

Head of Year 9 - Mr M Woolford
Assistant Head of Year 9 - Mr A Godwin
9C - Miss Nethercott
9Y - Mr Wilson
9G - Mr Daniels
9N - Mrs Pickup
9E - Mr Godwin
9T - Mrs Kinsey
9S - Mrs Stokes

Year 10 Team

Head of Year 10 - Mrs L Garnett
Assistant Head of Year 10 - Mrs E Biggar/Mr A Mahon
10C - Mr Emery
10Y - Mrs Biggar
10G - Ms Foster-Bond
10N - Mr Drysdale
10E - Miss C Harrington
10T - Miss N Cooper
10S - Mr Jones

Year 11 Team

Head of Year 11 - Miss M Lee
Assistant Head of Year 11 - Mr J Walsh
11C - Mr McGrillen
11Y - Mrs G McCoy
11G - Mrs Bennett
11N - Mrs Rajendran
11E - Mr Walsh
11T - Miss Smith

Additional Support

School Counsellor (Place2Be) - Miss J Fowles
Careers Advisor - Ms S Timmins